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You won’t believe how much it taste like pickles


Looking for a fun and flavorful twist? Pickle your palate with our Hold the Pickle seasoning blends. Choose from our O.G., Spicy, and other delicious varieties to take any dish to the next level!


Our O.G. seasoning that will revolutionize the way you think about pickles. Our unique blend is carefully crafted to deliver all the taste of a juicy pickle in every sprinkle! Perfect for everything from salads to sandwiches, it’s sure to be a hit with the whole family. Add a little zing to your meals with Hold the Pickle today!


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Spicy Spice Flavor Image

A little spice can be nice, especially with Hold the Pickle Spicy! This blend retains the bold, tangy flavor of our O.G. seasoning, but with a little heat to really get the party started. Whether you're grilling up some chicken, seasoning your veggies, or spicing your popcorn, Hold the Pickle Spicy is the perfect way to heat things up!


Elevate your culinary creations by infusing them with the vibrant flavors of this unique seasoning.

Crafted for enthusiasts of both TexMex and pickle aficionados, this versatile seasoning blend is a culinary game-changer. "Hold The Pickle Tuesday" seasoning brings a tantalizing twist to your dishes. It's the perfect companion for spicing up your Tuesday and any day of the week, adding that savory kick you crave.

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